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Casa de la Esperanza is a bilingual Safe House and Transitional Living Program in the Republic of Panama. It is for trans individuals 18-years old and over who are homeless due to their gender identity or expression. Priority is given to trans citizens of Panama, but is also available to foreigners who are legal residents of Panama, dependent on space available.

Residents arrive at the Casa from a variety of backgrounds and situations. Many have experienced discrimination, harassment, or violence because of their gender identity or gender expression. Many have been living on the streets or have been without a permanent home because of transphobia. The health and well-being of these individuals is our priority, and providing an affirming and stable environment for them to recover and rejuvenate is our goal.

Green check mark icon. Checkmark in circle for checklist. What the Program is:

The Program at Casa de la Esperanza is intended to give Residents the opportunity to distance themselves from previous negative circumstances and to provide the necessary emotional tools for goal-setting, stress-management, time management, and organization skills. The Support Team will be available for guidance to Residents in accomplishing their goals. Weekly Care Sessions with the Support Team and Residents will be conducted to evaluate needs, monitor progress, hear concerns, and answer questions, collectively and individually. 

All Residents contribute their time to the day-to-day operations at the Casa. Meals, household chores, grocery shopping, yard care, and more are some of the Resident obligations. We expect everyone to be proactive in looking for employment while living at the Casa. This can be self-employment, such as gardening or odd jobs, or it can be working in a restaurant or commercial establishment. 

What the Program is not:

The Casa and its provisions are not a “free pass” to avoid being a productive and self-sustaining individual. Residents who refuse to participate in the typical activities of a household, or refuse to being looking for sustainable employment are not welcome here. No drugs, alcohol, or weapons are allowed on the premises, and those found to be in possession of or using these substances will be expelled from the Program. The Casa is not a place to ruminate in anger or depression, or feeling sorry for one’s self, or for being disrespectful of other Residents or those who are providing the Casa.

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