If you are currently or soon-to-be homeless, or are living in an unsafe situation, here is how we can help. Casa de la Esperanza is a Trans Safe House and Transitional Living Program. We are located in Chiriquí province in Puerto Armuelles about 30 minutes south of the Frontera. The home can currently house five (5) residents. We will provide a bed, food, and personal hygiene supplies for you for at least three months while you rest up, then begin looking for work in the area. You are not expected to stay in Chiriquí indefinitely, but we think you will find the slow, relaxed feel of this beach town to your liking.

The Program consists of some expectations from you, including assigned chores, which may include cooking, cleaning, yardwork, painting, or other various house duties, volunteering, and looking for employment. Attendance at Support meetings is also required. The Program is designed to support you while you prepare emotionally and financially to find suitable and safe housing on your own.

Please look through the website to learn more. If you are ready to commit to a life-changing experience, we ask two things:

  1. Send us a message HERE to request a PDF copy of the Program Agreement and read through it so you understand the Program, and then,
  2. Fill out the online Application. Be sure to input your email and phone number correctly so someone can contact you.